Carrier Europe SCA

Carrier Europe

Established in 1950, Carrier is internationally known for its pioneering work in the field of vibratory technology.

Carrier Europe SCA was established in 1995 in order to better serve the European marketplace. Like its parent company, the division is known for innovative technology in the field of bulk materials handling and processing equipment.

Carrier Europe SCA specialises in the manufacture of vibrating conveyors, feeders, screeners, fluid bed dryers and coolers and vibrating spiral elevators. These products have features that enable screening, separating, drying, cooling, blending and performing various other processing functions.

Through the years, Carrier has developed processing equipment to meet the needs of a broad range of European industries. These include the chemical, synthetic, foundry, glass, food, dairy, pharmaceutical, explosive, wood, coal, metal, scrap and recycling industries. Carrier Europe SCA prides themselves on their extensive cutomer base and their commitment to excellence.